Poems for young minds

A is for Aardvark

The Aardvark has a great long snout
Where Ants go in and can’t get out
Another name for snout is nose
His surely hurts him when it blows

He’s a pig-like thing that hunts at night
He doesn’t even need a light
To find the food he sniffs right in
Then heads back home to burrow in tight

Or Ants

Finding ants isn’t hard
They’re in the house and in the yard
running left then running right
I wonder where they sleep at at night?
I guess that I don’t mind the ants
I just don’t want them in my pants


 B is for Bear

A polar bear has lots of hair
To keep him warm
Cause way up there
Where he lives
there is no heat
And no galoshes for his feet.


 L is for Llama (of course)

I met a llama’s mamma
She seemed to be quite nice
Yes, I met a llama’s mamma
In fact I met her twice


 About a Goose

Is a goose loose?
I haven’t a clue
Is a goose silly
no more so than you

Can a goose be goosed?
I suppose so, I can’t really say
but Gooses are useful in dozens of ways

We get goose-bumps and goose eggs,
goose necks and goose flesh
We have goose grass, goose grease
gooseberries and even goose steppers
lately I’ve thought about planting goose peppers.

With so  many uses
If they all flew away
it would cook all our Gooses
the very next day


 A Troll said Hello

I met a troll the other day
while walking home from school
he said hello
we talked a while, i told him he was cool

I asked if he could walk me home
so we could talk some more.
He said he could and did
right up to my front door.

He said his name was Carl
I thought that rather odd
but I took his hand and shook real hard
and told him I was Todd.

I asked if he could come inside
and meet my mom and sis
if they don’t see you with their eyes
they never will believe this

OK , said Carl, Let’s go inside
I can even stay to eat
but whatever else we do
don’t let them see my feet

my feet are green and hairy
with bumps and warts and twigs
with uncut nails and scratches
and worms I’ve tried to squash

If your mother’s like the others
she’ll try to make me wash.


 Monkey, Monkey

A monkey climbed up in a tree
To look down on folks
And take a pee

When he was up there
Near the sky he felt
that he could almost fly


 B is for Beaver

The Beaver has big flat tail
To knock you down
Or pound a nail

The Beaver has two big sharp teeth
Well never mind
You’ll learn that when you are older

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